Send a Heartfelt Treat on Valentine’s Day

Even though we often associate Valentine’s Day with love and romance, this is also a great opportunity to share with other special individuals in your life how much they mean to you. For example, your daughter will love to know that she is the apple of your eye. Tell her how treasured she is with a beautiful floral arrangement. Likewise, tell your child’s teacher how much it means to you that they work so hard to help your child be successful. Send an beautiful gift of relaxation or basket of treats to your child’s teacher on Valentine’s Day this year. The floral designers at Kitty’s Flowers will be glad to help you find one of our amazing gift basket options for Valentine’s Day this year for each of the special people in your life.

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Share Valentine’s Affections

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about all the ways you can show your loved ones and sweetheart how much they mean to you. Beautiful flowers in different styles and colors each convey different meanings depending on the person and situation. Flowers can say anything from friendship and enthusiasm to desire and romance. Make sure your feelings are known this Valentine’s Day when you send flowers that mean exactly what you want to say. The floral designers at Kitty’s Flowers have created some beautiful Valentine’s Day arrangements for you to choose from this year.

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Start the New Year Right!

Each year as we begin anew, we tend to think about ways we can improve our health, happiness and general quality of life. At Kitty’s Flowers, we believe all of these things can be accomplished with flowers! Here’s why:

  • Flowers help you breathe easier. Flowers and plants are known air purifiers, absorbing harmful toxins and impurities in the air that can lead to headaches, congestion and other cold symptoms. When you breathe cleaner air, you become more focused, think more clearly and have better concentration.
  • Flowers boost creativity. Colors stimulate creative thought, so surrounding yourself with colorful blooms and fresh fragrances is a great way to open your mind to new ideas and inspire fresh thinking.
  • Flowers can make you more compassionate. Taking care of another living thing has multiple health and psychological benefits, one of which is creating empathy and compassion. Become others-focused when you have something relying on you for care.

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Remember, Honor and Teach

While the holidays are typically a time of excitement and festivity, for families of a fallen veteran this season can be a difficult one. The absence of a loved one during the holidays can be painful. We encourage those of you who are missing your brave hero this season to consider participating in a Wreaths Across America wreath-laying ceremony. This national event, started at Arlington National Cemetery, has spread throughout the country and includes families coming together to place a beautiful holiday wreath or Christmas flowers on the grave site of their beloved hero. The floral artisans at Kitty’s Flowers have a fantastic collection of holiday flowers and wreaths that will look beautiful on your loved one’s final resting place.

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Holiday DIY Crafts to Share

The holidays are such a special time for sharing joy and glad tidings with friends and family. This year, add a personal flair to you holiday gifts with a do-it-yourself craft your loved ones will love. One way to do this is to craft a paper poinsettia to place as the final touch on your beautifully wrapped presents. Take a look at some of the great gifts and holiday decor created by the artisans at Kitty’s Flowers.

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Luxurious Holiday Gifts

As you deck the halls this year, remember to include all the greenery and trimmings you’ll need to create a fabulous, fresh design. Include a gorgeous hanging door wreath, beautiful ornaments on your fireplace mantel, and a lovely centerpiece at your holiday table. Besides decorating, you’ll want to send joy and glad tidings to loved ones near and far. Choose from keepsake ornaments, designer gift baskets, or lush floral arrangements when you peruse the best-selling holiday collection at Kitty’s Flowers.

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Put A Wreath On It (Or Three)

Now that the holidays are approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your home or office for the holidays. Including fresh greenery in your decor this year will add a festive, genuine touch of nature to your entire look. The invigorating effect of bright greenery like a hand-made wreath or garland amidst your holiday ornaments, candles and heirloom decorations will refresh your family and guests all season long. Take a look at the fabulous collection of wreaths created by the brilliant designers at Kitty’s Flowers this season.

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Flowers That Speak To Tradition This 4th

As Independence Day approaches, chances are you’re beginning to plan your celebration for this patriotic holiday. Friends are invited for the cookout, plans are set for watching fireworks, and local parades or community events are organized for our nation’s birthday. As you begin to bring the festivities together, Kitty’s Flowers reminds you: Don’t forget the flowers! The perfect arrangement has the power to cap off the holiday’s decorations and bring life to your party or picnic. Take along a beautiful arrangement as a hostess gift or display a fabulous arrangement at the picnic you’re hosting!

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A Celebration Fit For Memorial Day

Memorial Day offers us the chance to honor our troops who served valiantly on our behalf and lost their lives in service to country. Kitty’s Flowers also knows it’s a time when we gather with friends and family to do that honoring, but also to celebrate that we’re finally on the verge of summer, with a three-day weekend to show for it. Many people entertain over the weekend, making an effort to get outdoors by hosting barbecues, pool parties and al fresco dinners. The flowers you select to grace your tables at this time both signal the poignancy of the occasion and the sense of festivity in the air.

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Meet One Of Our Flower Moms

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, Kitty’s Flowers has selected one of our own home-grown moms to speak to working with flowers and kids.

Name: Patty Vivalo

Kids first names & ages: John (41,) Katie (38) and Jacqui (35)

How did you get into floral work? I got into the floral business because I
was looking for a creative work environment. I am not a designer, but I
love flowers!

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