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A Guide to Gifting Green: Plants and Flowers That Make His Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your love and appreciation for your male partner through the gift of flowers and plants. Many men sincerely appreciate getting botanical presents, as they make them feel recognized and valued. Equally intriguing is that flowers can sharpen their communication skills, creating a deeper connection with their partners. At Kitty’s Flowers in Salisbury, Maryland, we’re reviewing the top choices of flowers and plants to delight the man in your life this Valentine’s Day. They’re the gift that keeps giving, thanks to the many ways they benefit your health and beautify your space.

Green Houseplants

Green plants make an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for men, offering benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. Caring for a plant allows him to nurture it with light, water, and care, helping it thrive long-term. As the plant grows, it mirrors your enduring relationship and his commitment to keeping it strong and healthy. Plants also offer health benefits like stress reduction, increased happiness, and cleaner air while enhancing any space’s beauty.


Ensuring you have a healthy and thriving relationship often hinges on resilience, the characteristic that empowers both of you to remain steadfast in challenging times. Celebrate his determination by giving him a succulent for Valentine’s Day, a plant emblematic of resilience thanks to its capacity to thrive under adverse conditions. Succulents, conveniently, demand little in terms of care, minimizing the effort required to nurture your present. Displaying it on his office desk reminds him of your affection as he marvels at its hearty green presence, symbolizing the enduring power of your love.

Flowering Plants

One of the advantages of flowering plants is their ability to thrive for weeks, months, or perhaps years, extending the joy of the gift long after the initial occasion. Orchids, in particular, may rebloom if you care for them properly — which isn’t tricky — symbolizing that love can blossom many times. Orchids also add tranquility to his surroundings, creating a peaceful escape from the responsibility of everyday life. This gesture conveys your heartfelt care for his health and happiness.

Bright Blooms

While an arrangement of fresh flowers might surprise some men, the array of blooms, hues, and meanings offers a blank canvas for a perfectly customized gift. You could highlight his favorite blossom, feature one with sentimental value, or simply select blooms in a color he loves. With research indicating that 60% of men appreciate flowers, make this Valentine’s Day the occasion to fulfill that desire for him. It’s a gesture that conveys affection, love, and appreciation like few others.

Red Roses

Few flowers carry the classic and universally cherished status of red roses, symbolizing enduring romantic love. Their delicate petals and aromatic fragrances can evoke immense love and affection in those who receive them. Fortunately, men appreciate the sentiment of red roses just as much as anyone else, drawn to their exceptional beauty and meaningful symbolism. Red roses go beyond gender, conveying your intention to make your partner’s Valentine’s Day romantic, memorable, and a celebration of your one-of-a-kind bond.

Gifting your male partner succulents, plants, or flowers for Valentine’s Day is a unique way to brighten his day and living space. The positive effects of being around these natural elements extend to improved mood and overall well-being. Collaborate with the trusted team at Kitty’s Flowers to choose the perfect botanical gift that reflects your love.

60% of men would love to receive blooms