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Sought-after orchids like the Dendrobium, Cymbidium, and Phalaenopsis, can be found in an array of colors, from blue and purple to yellow and orange. While many are drawn to the natural attractiveness of the orchid, others are truly captivated by their symbolism. Here at Kitty’s Flowers, the best florist in Salisbury, we know orchids are special as these blooms are not only physically alluring, but symbolize things such as love, charm, refinement, thoughtfulness, and more. 

While each colored orchid is connected to specific meanings, we’re happy to point you in the right direction when selecting a marvelous orchid hue to help celebrate your next occasion. Whether you’re saying “thank you” to a teacher or boss, welcoming a new baby into the family, or spreading love and joy, you’re sure to find the perfect orchid.

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The Meaning of Orchids by Color

Blue Orchids

Orchids in general are often seen as uncommon, as they are often overshadowed by more popular blooms, such as pink tulips, white lilies, and red roses. Blue orchids symbolize rarity, uniqueness, and beauty, as well as spirituality. Gift this sweet bloom to someone you believe is beautiful in their unique and special way.

Red Orchids

Similar to red roses, red orchids are a symbol of passion, love, and desire. They’re a perfect match for your favorite Valentine’s Day bloom or to send on their own to your special someone. Red orchids are also linked to courage and strength. The Aztecs even utilized orchids in their elixirs to promote these qualities in themselves.

Pink Orchids

As a symbol of grace, gentleness, innocence, playfulness, joy, happiness, and fertility, the pink orchid is a beautiful bloom to celebrate growing families. Ancient Greece linked orchids with fertility long ago as they predicted a baby’s gender through the orchid’s tuberous roots. Select some lovely pink orchids for your next baby shower, baptism, or even wedding.

White Orchids

Purity is a universal meaning of the color white, and when it comes to white orchids, there is no exception. This fresh flower is not only a symbol of purity, but represents elegance, beauty, humility, innocence, safety, and faith. White orchids are a unique choice to include in some places of worship, weddings, and even your own home.

Purple Orchids

The purple orchid is a symbol of respect, admiration, and dignity. Thanks to the Victorian Ages, we have also seen this flower’s connection to royalty, class, and wealth bloom overtime. When selecting gifts for those you admire and respect, such as a teacher or boss, don’t overlook a purple orchid.

Yellow Orchids

A refreshing and bright yellow orchid is the perfect bloom to celebrate a new chapter, cherished friendship, or just to brighten someone’s day with a little cheer. The color yellow is associated with activity, optimism, and happiness, so it only makes sense that yellow orchids symbolize new beginnings, friendship, and joy.

Orange Orchids

Sending orange orchids to family and friends is a sure way to spark a new sense of pride and enthusiasm, which are two inspiring symbols of this brilliant bloom. Bring an orange orchid into your office to brighten up your workspace. You may also feel a new sense of pride or be more enthusiastic as you work.

Green Orchids

Green orchids are a symbol of nature, blessings, good fortune, longevity, and good health. These meanings are also parallel to the symbolism connected to the color green, which includes harmony and luck. In Japan, you’ll find many of these beautiful emerald blooms in offices and homes, as the Japanese culture believes in the good fortune that green orchids bring.

Regardless of their vivid hue, orchids are a remarkable symbol of refinement, thoughtfulness, charm, love, beauty, and fertility. These breathtaking blooms are sure to be the perfect gesture for your upcoming celebration or life’s little moments. Find the freshest flowers and wonderful orchids here at Kitty’s Flowers.