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These exotic flowers and orchids evoke the tropical feel of a far-away place, even when you're at home or the office. 

Sending tropical flowers from Kitty's Flowers, a florist serving Maryland and Delaware, is an exquisite way to add a burst of color and exotic beauty to someone's day. Tropical flowers are renowned for their vibrant colors, unique shapes, and long-lasting quality, making them standout choices for any floral gift or decorative arrangement. These flowers typically originate from warmer climates like rainforests and tropical regions worldwide, so they thrive in warm and humid conditions and possess bright and intense colors. Kitty's Flowers offers a stunning range of tropical flowers that can bring a touch of the exotic to any setting. Some popular tropical flowers include orchids, birds of paradise, ginger flowers, and heliconias. Each of these species boasts distinctive characteristics; for example, orchids are prized for their delicate and intricate blooms, while the bird of paradise is celebrated for its striking appearance that resembles a bird in flight. Ginger flowers and heliconias add dramatic flair and height to arrangements, making them focal points in both bouquets and larger floral displays.

When you choose to send tropical flowers from Kitty's Flowers, you're not just sending a bouquet but a piece of tropical paradise. These flowers are ideal for special occasions that call for something unusual, such as anniversaries, significant birthdays, or as a standout gesture of appreciation. Kitty's Flowers is skilled in arranging these magnificent blooms in ways that highlight their natural beauty and exotic charm, ensuring that each arrangement is as breathtaking as the flowers themselves. Whether you're near or far from Maryland and Delaware, Kitty's Flowers makes it easy to bring a lush, tropical vibe to anyone's doorstep.

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