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Posted by kittysflowers on April 9, 2024 Floral Design Flower Gifts Holidays

Elevate Your Gift-Giving With Unique Finds for Father Figures

June’s vibes are all about sizzling barbecues, caps flying high at graduations, and soaking up those long daylight hours. But, hey, don’t get so caught up that you forget about Father’s Day, the real MVP of the month! It’s that special time to celebrate the rad dad figures in our lives, and trust us, you want to make it count. Finding the perfect gift that screams “you’re the best” isn’t a walk in the park, but don’t sweat it — Kitty’s Flowers in Salisbury, Maryland has your back with an array of gifts that’ll make his day. Whether it’s for dad, grandpa, stepdad, or that chill uncle, they’re all set to be wowed by your awesome choices.

Plants For the Plant Dad (Of Course!)

Plant dads are a unique breed, aren’t they? There’s a legit charm in how they prefer a quiet evening hanging with their green companions over any party. It’s almost magical how they coax life into even the most temperamental plants, tending to their every need with super chill energy. And let’s be real: A plant dad’s heart is as large as his leafy domain, always welcoming another green friend with open arms. So when Father’s Day rolls around, you’ve got an easy win with a new botanical buddy for his collection!

Something Sweet For the Fishing Dad

Rising early for the daily grind isn’t exactly his favorite thing (is it anyone’s?), but when it comes to fishing mornings, he’s wide awake before the sun at 4:00 AM, no drama! That’s 100 percent your fishing enthusiast dad, happiest with a rod in hand, surrounded by the water. Considering he’s got every fishing gadget imaginable, delight him this Father’s Day with some gourmet snacks for his time on the lake. Or, how about a fragrant candle to freshen the air post-catch?

Gourmet Gifts for The Grill Dad

Honestly, is there anything better for dads than being the grill master on a gorgeous day? They just live their best life flipping burgers and roasting veggies. So amp up his Father’s Day with a gourmet gift basket bursting with treats he’ll love. If it’s packed with stuff he can use at his next BBQ — like those fancy sauces, next-level seasonings, and bougie wood chips, plus maybe a beer or two he likes — that’s the cherry on top.

Epic Stems For the Video Game Dad

Is your dad always on his gaming grind, whether it’s chilling with villagers in Animal Crossing, playing puppet master in The Sims, going on epic quests in Final Fantasy, or going retro with Super Mario Bros? This Father’s Day, switch gears from the usual; hit up your florist and get them to craft a flower arrangement that celebrates his number one hobby. It’s a cool way to say “I get you,” and it brings a slice of those fun game worlds into the real one.

Quality Time For the Honorary Dad

You might not have a genetic link, but he’s been a pillar in your life, shaping who you’ve become. This Father’s Day, why not give him a surprise he won’t see coming? A floral arranging class offers a unique chance to spend meaningful time together, surrounded by the elegance of fresh flowers, learning and laughing. It’s an opportunity to make new memories, look back on special moments, and thank him for his awesome presence in your life.

This Father’s Day, find a gift that’s as one-of-a-kind as your dad or dad figure at Kitty’s Flowers. Whether he’s all about that plant life, loves a quiet morning fishing, is a whiz at the BBQ, or is a champ at video games, there’s something here that’ll really make his day. It’s a chance to show him how much you appreciate his hobbies and everything he does for you in the most heartfelt way.

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