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The Best Flowers For Your Mom’s Special Style This Mother’s Day

Laurel, Delaware may be on the smaller side, but if you live here you know we have the best of everything. Whether it’s a relaxing walk on the banks of Broad Creek, a paddle on beautiful Records Pond, or dinner at Abbott’s, we’re proud to call this livable town our home. So is your wonderful mother, who deserves to be spoiled just a little extra on Mother’s Day — don’t you agree? To that end, we at Kitty’s Flowers in Laurel, Delaware are standing by to create custom flower arrangement that will brighten her day and make her feel like a million bucks. We source only the finest blooms and have only the best experts on our staff who are guaranteed to get the job done right.

The Healthy Snack Mom

Every family has a meal planner, and often times it’s a devoted and caring mother. She goes above and beyond to make sure her family always has healthy, wholesome options available at all times. She’s like a walking vending machine, but instead of chips and candy, she’s stocked up with fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grain protein bars. To that end, if you’re lucky enough to have a healthy snack mom in your life, show her some love this Mother’s Day with a classy flower arrangement featuring peonies. These flowers have been revered for their healing properties for centuries, just like your mom’s nourishing instinct keep you going day in and day out..

The “Always-On-The-Go” Mom

Moms are always on the move, whether it’s attending meetings at work, taking care of the family’s appointments and activities, or managing the never-ending river of household tasks. With so much on their plates, it’s no wonder that time is often in short supply This Mother’s Day, then, why not give your always-on-the-go mom a gift that will truly make her day? A custom flower arrangement teaming with anemones, also known as wind flowers, is the perfect way to honor your mom’s ability to breeze through life wand shape the world around her. The unique shapes and vibrant colors of these blooms will remind her of the beauty in life, giving her the chance to literally stop and smell the flowers.

The Trendy Mom

Some people just seem to have a natural instinct for what’s hot and what’s not on Instagram and TikTok. Your mom might be one of those people, with a feed full of trending aesthetics, fashion, hair, nails, and more. She’s a social media queen in her own right, with impeccable style and a knack for staying ahead of the curve. This Mother’s Day, show her your appreciation with a gift that’s always in style: a super creative bouquet of flowers. Make it even more special by asking us to feature magenta protea, a flower that’s as fashionable as it is stunning, styled in Pantone’s color of the year. Talk about on point!

The “Say Cheese” Mom

As we grow older, time seems to slip by more and more quickly, making it crucial to capture the moments that matter most. Luckily, the “say cheese” mom is always on the case, snapping pics at every school event, sports game, and milestone. She’s got a gift for photography, and her pictures always manage to capture the spirit of the moment. This Mother’s Day, it’s time to celebrate your mom’s talent with a stunning arrangement of fresh flowers. Choose a classic arrangement with a twist — like a bouquet featuring roses in multiple colors — and watch as your mom’s creative spark ignites. Roses are a natural choice for photos, thanks to their timeless elegance and versatile nature.

The Pet Mom

Bringing home a furry friend is one of the best decisions you can make. They provide companionship, snuggles, and even have health benefits that can improve your well-being. It’s no surprise, then, that pet parents are on the rise these days. To that end, do you know an exceptional pet mom who deserves recognition this Mother’s Day? Why not show her some love with a much bouquet of flowers that celebrates her commitment to her beloved dog or cat? It’s a thoughtful gesture that will make her feel appreciated and cherished. But we know that pet safety is a top priority; that’s why we recommend the gorgeous and non-toxic gerbera daisies. With their large selection of bright and beautiful hues, they will add a burst of color to any room.

Whether she’s a health nut, always on the go, or a new mom, the seasoned flower pros here at Kitty’s Flowers in Laurel, Delaware have the perfect flowers to make her feel special and appreciated. It doesn’t matter if she’s a classic gal who dreams of red roses or if she prefers something a little more wild — we can make sure we find the sweet spot that will make her sparkle.

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