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The Incredible Power Of Flowers

Sometimes the best way to show support and love to someone is through flowers that communicate a powerful message. Let someone you love know how special they, and their special interests, are to you with the type or color of flowers you send. So much more can be said through the symbolism of flowers than with words alone. The floral designers at Kitty’s Flowers have created some great pieces that communicate different messages for the different people in your life. Read More about The Incredible Power Of Flowers »
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A Beautiful Floral Tradition

Founded by Marian McQuade in the 1970s as a way of getting families together on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy one another, Grandparents Day has become a national means of promoting a bond across generations that can too easily be lost in our busy world. Children, parents and grandparents come together to enjoy each other’s company, tell stories and relive memories, all while learning and growing from one another. The mutual respect and delight in one another can be truly life-changing. The floral designers at Kitty’s Flowers have designed special bouquets to present to your grandparents this holiday. Enhance your celebration with flowers that have special meaning or symbolism for your family. Read More about A Beautiful Floral Tradition »
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Clean, White Floral Styles For Before And After Labor Day

When you think about including white in your wardrobe or decor, do you still adhere to the old notion that this is temporary until Labor Day? There used to be plenty of reasons for this rule. Summer’s heat made it almost necessary to choose light-colored, light-weight fabrics, not to mention how difficult white can be to keep clean once cooler, muddier months approached. Today, we only adhere to this rule as a nod to classic fashion. If you, too, have a classic approach to fashion and decorating, Kitty’s Flowers encourages you to choose an all-white look as your final decorating plan before Labor Day and the end of summer. Read More about Clean, White Floral Styles For Before And After Labor Day »
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The Right Room For Those Flowers

Kitty's Flowers loves decorating with flowers; how could we not? Our design team spends a lot of time ensuring that we get the look and feel of each arrangement just right because we love to wow our customers. We know that when you bring our fresh florals into your home, you may already have a space in mind for them. But when you don't, how to decide? Should that bouquet grace the dining room table or sit on the counter in the kitchen? Should it be artfully arrayed on your statement table in the living room, or make its home on your desk? Read on to find out how to figure out where to place your flowers every time. Read More about The Right Room For Those Flowers »
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Delight The Teacher With These

It’s almost time for the start of a new school year, and teachers are working hard to prepare for their new students. Imagine their surprise when you and your student walk in to meet your teacher for the first time with a bouquet of her favorite flowers! Kitty’s Flowers recommends making a quick phone call the week before school starts to find out your teacher’s favorite flowers… then start the year off right with a big smile and positive attitude! Read More about Delight The Teacher With These »

Travel Through Flowers

Are you planning a vacation to a tropical location soon? Even just thinking about escaping to a beautiful sandy beach can invigorate the senses. Viewing pictures of the area, imagining yourself lounging in a hammock and putting together a plan can all be part of the excitement that goes before a fabulous trip. In preparation for an exotic escape, Kitty’s Flowers recommends sending a bouquet of lovely local flowers to your traveling companions to help set the mood. Read More about Travel Through Flowers »
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Flowers That Speak To Tradition This 4th

As Independence Day approaches, chances are you’re beginning to plan your celebration for this patriotic holiday. Friends are invited for the cookout, plans are set for watching fireworks, and local parades or community events are organized for our nation’s birthday. As you begin to bring the festivities together, Kitty’s Flowers reminds you: Don’t forget the flowers! The perfect arrangement has the power to cap off the holiday’s decorations and bring life to your party or picnic. Take along a beautiful arrangement as a hostess gift or display a fabulous arrangement at the picnic you’re hosting! Read More about Flowers That Speak To Tradition This 4th »
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