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Kitty's Flowers

Pet-Friendly Petals and Plants

A great way to create a healthy and happy home is to fill it with beautiful fresh flowers and plants. Both plants and flowers provide a number of health benefits and having them in our home is a customary part of modern living now. So for those homes that also have pets, it’s a good idea to keep pet-friendly florals and greenery at home. Here at Kitty’s Flowers, Salisbury’s top florist, we provided you with a list of beautiful and popular pet-friendly plants and flowers to keep in your home.

Safe Plants & Flowers for Pets

Parlor Palm

For a healthy dose of green and lushness, add a Parlor Palm to any room. Its large, green leaves grow out of a single trunk and then break into numerous small leaflets providing volume and movement. Parlor Palms are pet-friendly and can get about 4 feet tall indoors.

Calathea Orbifolia

An ornamental, eye-catching plant with leaves striped with pale silver lines, the Calathea Orbifolia is a great plant to add to your houseplant collection. If you avoid direct sunlight and keep it in a humid environment, the Calathea Orbifolia, which is pet-friendly, will thrive.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Ferns are commonly found in people’s homes due to their easy-to-grow nature. The Bird’s Nest Fern is a type of fern with unique, crinkled leaves that give it a lot of personality. The light green leaves can grow up to 2 feet in length.  The Bird’s Nest Fern is pet-friendly and will thrive in medium to bright indirect light.

Ponytail Palm

Add a little excitement to your home with the Ponytail Palm. Hair-like strands of long, skinny leaves grow from the top of the trunk and fall down in a way that resembles a ponytail, which is how it got its name. Easy to grow and full of energy and movement, the Ponytail Plam is pet-friendly.

Polka Dot Plant

If you’re interested in a plant that features other colors besides green, go for the Polka Dot Plant. With large green leaves “dotted” with colorful specks, these unique plant brings color and intrigue to your home. Polka Dot plants are pet-friendly and come in other color combos such as red and green, white and green, and pink and white.

Watermelon Peperomia

A small-ish plant but quite ornamental is the Watermelon Peperomia. The striking feature of this plant is its leaves which have a design that resembles the exterior of a watermelon. Eyecatching and cute, the Watermelon Peperomia is pet-friendly.


Since nearly everybody in the world loves roses, and it’s universally accepted as the symbol of love, we are happy to report that roses are pet-friendly! Beautiful, fragrant, and coming in a rainbow of colors, there’s no reason why now to not have your home filled with roses.

Gerbera Daisies

Colorful and bright, Gerbera Daisies are popular and beloved and are featured in many bouquets. They also look great in a vase by themselves. Their large center is surrounded by vivid radiating petals that just emanate joy. Gerber Daisies are pet-friendly so go ahead and get several in different colors – it’s a great way to add a splash of color to your home.


A flower that embraces the essence of a sunny day, Sunflowers are bright, cheery, and vibrant and can liven up any room. Perfect for the kitchen or dining room to add color and warmth, Sunflowers are pet-friendly so you can place them anywhere.


Beautiful and dainty, Snapdragon bloom on the top portion of long stems. This gives them volume and height which makes them a popular flower choice in many bouquets. We just think they are very pretty, and, Snapdragons are pet-safe.


An exotic plant that blooms magnificent flowers in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, Orchids are another popular floral. Perfect in homes for its mysterious yet calming effect, this pet-friendly plant is found in many spas and doctor’s offices but looks great in the home as well.


Zinnias are bold, voluminous blooms that stand out wherever they are placed. Either as a statement flower in a bouquet or grouped in a vase with other Zinnias, this is a bloom that people will notice. Zinnias are safe for cats and dogs and come in a variety of colors.

Signs of Poisoning in Pets

Even with nothing other than pet-friendly plants and flowers around, it is still possible your pet could get into something poisonous around the home, in your backyard, or at a park. It is important to be aware of signs your pet exhibits when he/she has ingested something toxic. Those signs are vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, excessive drooling, and loss of appetite. If these symptoms last for more than a day or two, be sure to visit your vet. For a detailed list of toxic plants and flowers visit the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website.

Keep your plants and flowers safe from your pets and vice versa. Train your pets to stay away from your florals, and if they won’t, protect your plants and flowers by keeping them out of reach from furry paws. The benefits of having plants and flowers in the home, along with our loveable pets, are worth the effort of playing it safe.