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Honor Your Mentor This Bosses Day

By kittysflowers on October 7, 2018 in Plants. 0 Comments

Showing your appreciation and gratitude for your boss can be done anytime, but with the designation of Bosses Day on October 16th, there’s no excuse to skip the accolades this month. A good boss is one who is fair, supportive, approachable, encouraging and motivating. When you get the opportunity to work for someone like this, it’s important to recognize the hard work they put in to making your work life excellent. The floral experts at Kitty’s Flowers have some great floral arrangements, plants and gift baskets for you to choose among for your boss this year. Read More about Honor Your Mentor This Bosses Day

Self Care Through Pretty New Plants

By kittysflowers on September 10, 2018 in Plants. 0 Comments

Studies show that taking care of ourselves and our own well-being is the first step in being able to care for others. When we feel whole we can focus on other things around us. Eating well, exercising, getting enough rest and creating a calm work environment all allow us to be our best for ourselves, our families and our coworkers. A simple way to create a soothing atmosphere at work is by adding a living plant to your office or desktop. A low-maintenance, rich green plant can offer many health benefits, like purifying the air around you and giving you something green (a color known to lower stress) to gaze upon. Kitty’s Flowers recommends one of our many simple and beautiful plants as an addition to your office space. Read More about Self Care Through Pretty New Plants

Perk Up The Whole Office With A Little Desktop Awareness

By kittysflowers on April 9, 2018 in Admin Prof Day, Flower Gifts, Flowers, Plants, Tulips. 0 Comments

We here at Kitty's Flowers want to make all the administrative professionals feel supported come April 25, the day officially devoted to them. One way to do that is to honor them and all of their efforts by assessing the needs of their  desktop area. After a long fall and winter, we're guessing everybody's workspaces could use a little pick-me-up, and that's why we want to bring a little Desktop Awareness to your place of work. The initiative is simple: ensure that everybody has a little something green growing on their desks. Or bright pink. Read More about Perk Up The Whole Office With A Little Desktop Awareness

Refresh Your Home This Spring With Plants

By kittysflowers on April 2, 2018 in Plants, Spring. 0 Comments

The calendar tells us that it is Spring. The weather forecast is unconvincing. For people who live along the Eastern Shore, weather’s uncertainties are part of life in this area. Although there are early signs of Spring as trees start to wake up and our bulbs and perennials begin to emerge from the ground, we still feel a sense of longing - and a wish that plant life would explode. For now, you can count on Kitty’s Flowers to help you bring the greenery you long for into your home. Read More about Refresh Your Home This Spring With Plants