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Thoughtful “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Gifts

Nothing adds excitement to the neighborhood like the hustle and bustle of moving trucks and cars. Meeting New Neighbors can be exciting and nerve-inducing, and one of the best ways to welcome the new neighbors to your community is with a housewarming plant or flower arrangement. You never know if they’ll end up becoming your close friends or confidants, and being on good terms with the neighbors can never hurt and will provide good karma. Here at Kitty’s Flowers we are trying to encourage a more positive and friendly society via the generosity and greeting others with flowers and the symbolism that comes with them. Learn about inspiring housewarming options from Kitty’s before that moving hustle begins.

A Warm Welcome to the Neighborhood


Orchids are among the most iconic flowers out there, found in offices, businesses, and houses alike. However, you may not know that each hue has its own meaning, with green, pink and yellow being the most welcoming symbolically. Yellow orchids are representative of friendship and new beginnings, while Pink orchids represent happiness and joy. Additionally, green orchids are believed to bring good fortune and blessings.


The Monstera plant is quickly growing in popularity among houseplants, and its clear why they’re booming. Their big and unique tropical leaves enhance any room they’re in and are tied to respect, honor, and longevity in eastern cultures. 

Lucky Bamboo

Welcoming the new neighbors with a symbol of luck and fortune is a nice way to say “hello.” Lucky Bamboo, as it is named, is the embodiment of luck as its name implies, and it is a beautiful plant that is both fun to look at and tied to happiness, harmony, and peace.

Peace Lily

Like the last plant the “Peace Lily” is self descriptive. It is known to bring a calming zen like state, warmth and peace into the home. Additionally, the peace lily symbolises properity, luck and good fortune. Take these stunning white blooms home with you or gift them to a friend you wish good luck and fortune.


Peonies make captivating arrangements and speak to the new beginnings and changes that moving can bring. Peonies are often seen in celebration of major events like marriage, moving in to a new home or attending a new job. Peonies make a great symbolic gift because they convey good wishes.


Sunflowers are some of the brightest and cheeriest flowers you can find representing peace, love, longevity optimism and most of all happiness. There’s nothing quite like the massive yellow face of a sunflower following the sun through the day and it makes the perfect housewarming arrangement.

Stargazer Lilies

When deciding what flowers to get symbolism can mean a lot as we’ve seen. This is perhaps most evident with the stargazer lily which relies on the color of its bold and extravagant petals to convey its meaning. For instance yellow lilies represent joy, while pink lilies are supposed to bring prosperity.


Another iconic flower the Daffodil is known for representing new beginnings and opportunities, a perfect message for someone moving to a new home. Their exquisite trumpet like appearance makes them appear as icons of chivalry and courteousness befitting of a good neighbor.

Saying hello with any gift is a lovely sentiment and these plants is the apex of that sentiment as it brings together both a material gift and the metaphorical well wishes and kindness that you intend. If you enjoyed exploring the symbolism of botanicals be sure to dive into the language of flowers and see what Kitty’s Flowers has to offer.