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Choose the Perfect Hostess Gift for your Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving season is upon us, which means now is the time to prepare for our Thanksgiving gatherings. If you are invited as a guest to a Thanksgiving celebration this year, you’ve probably realized two things: you’re off the hook for hosting duties (yay!) and now you need to find a hostess gift. Choosing the perfect gift should not be a source of stress, but you should give thoughtful consideration to what you’ll bring.

The floral experts at Kitty’s Flowers have some creative, unique ideas that you’ll love giving as much as your hostess loves receiving. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and you’ll feel good knowing you properly expressed your thanks. After all, that’s what Thanksgiving’s all about, right?

Acknowledge Your Hostess with a Simple Gift

Bringing a hostess gift shows your appreciation for all of the hard work, expense and energy your host and hostess put into their Thanksgiving celebration. To acknowledge their efforts and let them know how grateful you are, a small gift is a great way to say thank you. Choose a gift that’s helpful, functional, or simply shows how well you know your hostess. Remember, don’t overthink it- it’s still the thought that counts.

Give a Helping Hand to your Friendsgiving Hostess

craft chocolate and candy bars in tin bucket

Autumn Delectables

This fun new holiday is a twist on tradition, and quickly becoming a tradition itself. Usually held on the weekend before Thanksgiving Day, Friendsgiving is a gathering of friends, rather than relatives, to share in a Thanksgiving-style meal. If you’re celebrating this day with your besties, your neighbors, or your co-workers, you’ll want to be sure you’re pitching in, so make sure your hostess gift is a helpful one, like one of these:

  • Cute Serving Utensils or Dishes: It’s possible your hostess is short on serving utensils, so choose some decorative, fall-themed cheese knives or carved wooden spoons to help dish out the deliciousness.
  • Tasty Treats: A gift basket full of extra treats like our Autumn Delectables can add treats to share or just give your hostess something to look forward to after everyone’s gone.
  • Frosty Drinks and Ice: If everyone brings a bottle of their favorite wine, there will be plenty to go around. Also, you can never have enough ice. Your hostess will be so grateful you brought some extra.

Impress Your In-Laws with a Classy Hostess Gift

purple lit candle

Scented Candle

A Thanksgiving celebrated with in-laws, especially if you’re newlyweds, can be a little daunting. Set yourself up for success and impress your in-laws from the start with a hostess gift they don’t expect. Keep it classy and beautiful, like one of these ideas:

  • Fresh Flowers: A beautiful bouquet of flowers like our Hello Fall bouquet makes a great addition for fall. Or opt for our Bounti-Fall bouquet with a keepsake ceramic white pumpkin that can later be repurposed as a holiday-themed cookie jar.
  • Monogrammed Linen Napkins: Stylish and personal, linen napkins with your in-laws monogram will be a lasting treasure they’ll love to use for every occasion.
  • Fall-Scented Candle Set: Surround them with the scents of fall when you gift your in-laws with a beautiful candle set. Help them relax after a busy holiday and enjoy the serenity.

Give Meaningful Gifts to Your Thanksgiving Host

orange and yellow fall flowers with purple and green accents

Fall Feature Bouquet

If you anticipate a Thanksgiving full of time-honored traditions and expected customs, make sure your hostess gift is one that fits right in and helps your hostess as well. Here are a few examples:

  • Pretty Fall Flowers: A gorgeous bouquet of fall flowers like our Fall Feature will delight everyone. Your hostess will light up when she receives something so pretty.
  • A Family Game: Relieve your hostess from all of her entertaining duties when you bring a fun game the whole family can play. She’ll be glad for the reprieve and might even join in!
  • Breakfast Treats: The last thing any hostess wants to think about on Thanksgiving is cooking again for breakfast tomorrow morning. Bring muffins, a breakfast casserole, or fruit salad that she can easily serve the following morning and offer her some relief.

No matter what kind of Thanksgiving you’ll enjoy this year, bring a hostess gift to acknowledge how hard your hosts have worked to make the day special. Something from the heart, something personal, or something helpful will always be welcomed. Talk to the gift experts at Kitty’s Flowers for more great ways you can be a blessing to your hostess on Thanksgiving this year.