Let Your Style Shine

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Prom Lifestyle

One of the most magical times of high school is the end-of-the-year spring dances and prom. The floral experts at Kitty’s Flowers are excited to be part of your prom experience this year by providing beautiful corsages and boutonnieres. Talk to the designers about your unique style and we will help you match the perfect wearable flower to your prom dress or tuxedo. Remember that you want to complement your date and maintain the tradition of prom, while you let your style shine brightly on the night of your life.

An Orange Rose Boutonniere is a great way to showcase his style and charm. Photo opportunities abound as you pin this stylish piece on his tuxedo.

Spring has never looked so bright and fresh as with this Mixed Flower Pin-On Corsage. Blend colors, style and texture with this ensemble of fresh spring florals.

By having complementary flowers, you and your date will accent your ensemble perfectly. We can make that happen for you. Talk to the floral designers at Kitty’s Flowers about your style, look and ideas about prom this year. We will be happy to make the magic happen for you. Choose a gorgeous corsage to give your date or pin a stylish boutonniere on his lapel for the ultimate prom night accent.



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