Orange Rose Bouttoniere

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The Orange Rose Boutonniere offered by Kitty's Flowers is a stunning choice that combines the warmth of an orange rose with the delicate charm of baby's breath. The focal point of this boutonniere is the vibrant orange rose, symbolizing enthusiasm and desire. Its vivid hue adds a touch of energy and radiance to any formal attire, making it a perfect accessory for weddings, proms, or special occasions.

To enhance the beauty of the orange rose, a small spray of baby's breath is artfully incorporated. The baby's breath, with its tiny white blossoms, represents purity and sincerity, creating a harmonious contrast with the boldness of the orange rose. This combination of colors and textures not only makes the boutonniere visually captivating but also carries a meaningful message of passion and genuineness. Kitty's Flowers, known for their exceptional floral expertise in Maryland and Delaware, crafts this Orange Rose Boutonniere with precision and care. It's a testament to their dedication to creating floral arrangements that not only look stunning but also convey emotions and sentiments. Whether it's adorning a groom's lapel or adding a touch of elegance to a special event, this boutonniere is a beautiful choice that reflects the artistry and skill of the florists at Kitty's Flowers.

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