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Posted by kittysflowers on September 7, 2019 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Fall Floral Design Flowers

Choose Symbolic Mums For Fall Decor

Autumn is full of beauty and wonder, and one of them most illustrious representatives of this charming season is the chrysanthemum. With a long history of symbolic meaning, as well as a multitude of varieties and colors, mums show off everything fall is meant to be. Showcase these beautiful blooms in all of your home or office decor for fall, send beautiful mums to friends and family members to welcome the season to the Salisbury area, and enjoy these beauties in your own garden all season long. The floral designers at Kitty’s Flowers want to help you recognize and choose the best blooms for every fall occasion, so we’ve distinguished between a few for you here.

Daisy Chrysanthemum

Daisy Mums

These bright cheerful flowers are characterized by their round center disks, usually in yellow, green or brown. The disks are surrounded by short, symmetrical petals in varying colors, often beautiful fall shades of bronze, gold, burgundy and white. Our beautiful Harvest Traditions basket features these lovely daisy mums complementing other fabulous fall blooms for a complete rustic autumn look.

Quill Chrysanthemums

Quill Mums

These incredible blooms have long, narrow petals that resemble quills. Sometimes cupped like a spoon at the tip, these festive blooms provide rich texture with a spiky design, providing a depth of shape and structure for mixed floral designs. Our Autumn Delight Cornucopia features pops of color with yellow quill mums that add a contrast to the smoother varieties of blooms and additional texture along with fall accents like cattails.

Button Pompon Chrysanthemum

Button Pompon Mums

Pompon mums are rounded varieties of mums with short, soft petals that curve upward and inward, covering the disk and creating a globe-like appearance. Smaller versions of poms are called button poms and present a slightly flatter disk of color in any arrangement. Our Summer Fun design features excellent examples of small yellow button poms that add complementary pops of color throughout the design.

The Symbolic Chrysanthemum

The name Chrysanthemum literally means “gold flower” in the Greek language. Highly prized among Asians where the flower was first cultivated, chrysanthemums symbolize rejuvenation and longevity. The bloom is even featured on the royal seal of Japan. In the West, mums exemplify happiness and optimism. Of course, with their fall colors and woodsy scent, mums also embody the essence of autumn although the flower is available throughout the year.

Bring the beauty and joyful meaning of fall into your home or office when you decorate with mums during the autumn months. Bright, bold, and full of life, these blooms are ready to make a statement and deliver warmth and cheerfulness everywhere you place them. For more great ways to feature chrysanthemums in your fall decor, talk to the floral designers at Kitty’s Flowers. We’ll be glad to show you our favorite mums and help you choose a favorite, as well!