Pair Pretty Flowers With Your Summer Dinner Menu

When planning the perfect dining or entertaining experience, there are a multitude of options to consider. Formal or casual? Trendy or traditional? Classic or modern? In the summertime, an outdoor table is a refreshing change from the more formal indoor options necessary during the winter months. As you consider the style you’ll choose for the next big event you host, the floral experts at Kitty’s Flowers encourage you to peruse our amazing variety of beautiful arrangements, ideal for the center of your summer table.

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It’s Always A Good Anniversary For Roses

Historically, June has seen more weddings and anniversaries than any other month. This means it’s likely you or someone you know is celebrating the day they recited their nuptials this month. Throughout history, the act of spouses giving specific gifts has evolved over time. Long ago, men and women would give a wreath made of silver on the 25th anniversary, and a wreath made of gold to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Today, we still celebrate with silver and gold on these milestone anniversaries. But what about all the years in between? Kitty’s Flowers recommends a classic that will always be in style: roses!

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Pick Up This Gift For Dad

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of song.”

-Pam Brown

You know your dad is no ordinary guy, but rather, the man who taught you to dream, invent, create and take risks. Dads protect us when we’re young, encourage us to get back up when we fall down, push us a little further than we think we can go, and cheer us on when we accomplish impossible goals. Dads are so much more than just regular people- they are the first version of superheroes we know. On Father’s Day this year, June 17th, why not remind your dad of all the ways he’s been so much more than just a guy to you? The floral designers at Kitty’s Flowers have created some exciting arrangements just for dads this year.

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The Finest Flowers For Your Besties

Best Friend’s Day is June 8, so round up your posse and get ready to celebrate the most singular of friendships.

The seasonal blooms on the shelves at Kitty’s Flowers are perfect for this occasion; bright, cheerful and fragrant, the jewels of late spring. You might think of your besties the same way; after all, they’re the ones who support you, laugh with you, cry with you. It’s easy to want to give flowers to someone that special—it feels natural to give someone beautiful to us something beautiful in return. There’s no other gift quite like a bountiful bouquet, either.

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A Bright Idea For Early Summer Flowers

Are you ready for summer? Kitty’s Flowers knows we’re still in the throes of lovely spring, which has its own field of flowers to offer us (and how beautiful they are!). But summer, with its vivid, energetic character, is a great time for flowers. So many bloom between May and September that it feels like an embarrassment of riches. Our team is newly inspired to create designs that speak to the spirit of our warmest months, with their long, lazy days. We think of grilling out, hitting the pool or the beach, traveling to somewhere new. There’s a lot of festive, sensual excitement in summertime. Our flowers can capture that in a vase.

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A Celebration Fit For Memorial Day

Memorial Day offers us the chance to honor our troops who served valiantly on our behalf and lost their lives in service to country. Kitty’s Flowers also knows it’s a time when we gather with friends and family to do that honoring, but also to celebrate that we’re finally on the verge of summer, with a three-day weekend to show for it. Many people entertain over the weekend, making an effort to get outdoors by hosting barbecues, pool parties and al fresco dinners. The flowers you select to grace your tables at this time both signal the poignancy of the occasion and the sense of festivity in the air.

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Meet One Of Our Flower Moms

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, Kitty’s Flowers has selected one of our own home-grown moms to speak to working with flowers and kids.

Name: Patty Vivalo

Kids first names & ages: John (41,) Katie (38) and Jacqui (35)

How did you get into floral work? I got into the floral business because I
was looking for a creative work environment. I am not a designer, but I
love flowers!

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Special Flowers For Our Special Graduates

Kitty’s Flowers congratulates all of our soon-to-be local graduates, many of whom will be moving on to college come fall. In the meantime, there are graduation ceremonies and parties as well as proms and other celebrations to host or attend. These are wonderful occasions to personally congratulate the graduates in your life and to offer them what may be, if not their first, one of their most memorable floral gifts.

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Great Gifts For Teachers And Nurses

This May 6 through 12, give nurses and teachers something really special. Since both roles are celebrated this week, with their national days falling on May 6 and May 8 respectively, it’s an excellent time to make your gratitude concrete. Kitty’s Flowers knows that many of our nurses and teachers are also moms, aunts, sisters, friends, colleagues and neighbors, so it’s especially important to honor them. We’ve got two perfect gifts to give, guaranteed.

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For Earth Day, Grow A Bulb Garden

We here at Kitty’s Flowers are pleased as punch that Earth Day has orbited back around again. This April 22, our community will be hosting Earth-centric events in solidarity with countries around the world, all of whom come together to recognize this day as the chance to promote environmental awareness and good stewardship of our planet. This is an excellent time to educate our youngest citizens on how to take care of the Earth, and one of the best ways to do that is to have them grow something themselves.

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