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In the News: Gearing Up For Valentine’s Day 2024

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year in the floral industry, thanks to the many folks who want to surprise their partners and significant others with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. That means the crowds turn to their local florist for the best-quality blooms. Fortunately, as Kitty’s Flowers sales manager Shai Messer tells it, they are ready for the increase in traffic, which has kicked into high gear. “Phones are ringing off the hook, internet orders are rolling through, and you can see loads of people coming into the store who are trying to take something with them,” she explained.

Shai Messer speaking on television

It takes a lot for Kitty’s Flowers to get prepared for the Valentine’s Day rush, but it’s a something they’ve been doing for 74 years. Given their decades of experience, Messer has a bit of wisdom for shoppers who want to make sure they get everything right this year. “We do have to order all our flowers in advance, so getting those early orders really help us out a lot,” she continued. “It also makes sure that you get your first selections, and you don’t have to settle on a second or third choice.”

Bouquet with roses and lilies

The team at Kitty’s Flowers knows that freshness is key, and have perfected the formula for keeping blooms happy and vibrant. “That ensures that they’re stored at optimal conditions, hydrated, and are being kept at temperatures that are going to guarantee they last as long as possible,” Messer added. And that translates into keeping a smile on the lucky recipients’ face for longer.

Teddy bears and flowers

Although the Valentine’s Day rush can be hectic, Messer is extremely grateful to the loyal customers who come back to the shop year after year. “We just want to thank everyone for shopping small,” she shared. “We are a small business, and the support of our community means a lot.”

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