Christmas Cactus

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Two traditional Christmas Cactus in a peanut basket and finished with a festive bow. Cactus colors vary.

The Christmas Cactus from Kitty's Flowers presents a charming and lively addition to the holiday festivities. Nestled within a rustic peanut basket, this arrangement features not one but two traditional Christmas Cactus plants, known scientifically as Schlumbergera. They are beloved for their vibrant holiday blooms that arrive in the colder months, bringing a splash of color when the landscape outside is often more subdued.

Each cactus is on the brink of bursting into full bloom, with buds promising shades ranging from pinks to reds or even purples and whites. The choice of a peanut basket as the container adds a touch of natural, earthy charm to the arrangement, complementing the glossy green of the cactus leaves. What ties this piece together is the festive bow, patterned with a classic holiday plaid that conjures up feelings of warmth and nostalgia. This bow is not just a decorative touch but symbolizes the gift-giving spirit of the season.

The Christmas Cactus is known for its resilience and long-lasting blooms, making it a gift that keeps giving throughout the holiday season. It's a beautiful way to convey holiday cheer and will be a delightful conversation starter as it graces any table, windowsill, or office desk. Offering this as a holiday present is a thoughtful gesture, providing a living piece of holiday decor that can be cherished and enjoyed year after year.

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