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Posted by kittysflowers on August 3, 2018 Flowers Summer

The Right Room For Those Flowers

Kitty’s Flowers loves decorating with flowers; how could we not?

Our design team spends a lot of time ensuring that we get the look and feel of each arrangement just right because we love to wow our customers. We know that when you bring our fresh florals into your home, you may already have a space in mind for them. But when you don’t, how to decide? Should that bouquet grace the dining room table or sit on the counter in the kitchen? Should it be artfully arrayed on your statement table in the living room, or make its home on your desk? Read on to find out how to figure out where to place your flowers every time.

The first thing to consider after you’ve come home with or otherwise received fresh flowers in your home is the scale of the design. Is your piece large and tall, requiring a good deal of space? If so, choose a room that can give it the platform it deserves. Dining areas usually benefit from designs that are lower and closer to the table. Is your arrangement formal, casual or somewhere in between? Is your piece highly fragrant? What’s the vibe or feeling of your flowers? What does a particular flower require over another?

We love an orchid poised at the side of the tub in a bathroom, as these beauties enjoy some humidity. For a real world example, let’s use Lovely Lavender. This sweet, modest gathering of dahlia, lily, rose and daisy picks one color family and stays within it. It’s the perfect item to place on a bedside table, dresser or on a home desk. It also works well in decor groupings on an accent table in a common room.

Take a little time to consider where your new flowers will live in your home. A floral design can enhance a space if you make a good match, or even set the tone for a room entirely.