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Kitty's Flowers

Posted by kittysflowers on December 31, 2017 | Last Updated: February 28, 2020 Get Well

Get Them Well Through Flowers

We’re solidly into cold and flu season, a time when feeling under the weather is par for the course. One of the best ways to cheer someone up who has succumbed to the winter blues or worse is to extend a gift of flowers. Studies show that a fresh floral or plant gift has the power to lift spirits, not just temporarily, but for days after receiving it. In 2008, the American Society of Horticultural Science found that hospitalized patients who have flowers or a potted plant in their rooms have lower blood pressure and use less pain medication than their flowerless counterparts. Kitty’s Flowers offers a dedicated collection of make-them-feel-better flowers for just this reason.

We love an arrangement that features bold, bright blooms with a touch of whimsy like our Chester the Cat Mug. Daises and carnations sprout from a black-and-white cat mug, making this gift a two in one. Your recipient can place the flowers into a vase and use the mug to drink chicken noodle soup or tea.

Whether you deliver your floral gift yourself or have us do it for you, the impact of flowers on someone who is ailing can’t be overstated. Someone who is recovering is likely spending a lot of time in the bedroom, home or hospital, so flowers and plants literally breathe life into the space, not only oxygenating it but reminding someone who is sick that brighter days lay ahead.