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Posted by kittysflowers on March 19, 2018 | Last Updated: February 28, 2020 Flowers Spring

Fall Under Spring’s Fragrant Spell

Here at Kitty’s Flowers, we work with all manner of blooms all the time. One of our favorite parts about spring’s glorious haul is the fact that so many of the flowers that pass into our hands also entice our noses. The best way to welcome the season into your home is to fill it with flowers that not only showcase the colors of spring but to choose ones that will appeal to the olfactory sense, too.

Working with fragrant flowers is an art. When our designers mix them into arrangements, they’re continually thinking about how those scents will blend together to create an enthralling aroma that is not too overpowering. Our Colors of Spring piece is a good example of the artfulness we mean. Here roses and just a touch of stargazer lily is all you need to generate an uplifting fragrance. Daisies, snapdragons and a bit of billowing hydrangea complete this fresh, spring garden-inspired look.

Purples, pinks and greens may draw the eye, but it’s the fragrance of this design that will enchant you into feeling like spring has arrived. We believe in enjoying all the richness of the garden as the season makes its way to us—and that includes the scent of it.