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Choose Symbolic Mums For Fall Decor

Autumn is full of beauty and wonder, and one of them most illustrious representatives of this charming season is the chrysanthemum. With a long history of symbolic meaning, as well as a multitude of varieties and colors, mums show off everything fall is meant to be. Showcase these beautiful blooms in all of your home or office decor for fall, send beautiful mums to friends and family members to welcome the season to the Salisbury area, and enjoy these beauties in your own garden all season long. The floral designers at Kitty’s Flowers want to help you recognize and choose the best blooms for every fall occasion, so we’ve distinguished between a few for you here.  Read More about Choose Symbolic Mums For Fall Decor »
Posted by kittysflowers on September 7, 2019 Fall Floral Design Flowers

The Amazing Blooms of Autumn

The fall season is a wonderful time to snuggle under blankets as the temperature drops or take a walk in the park to enjoy the leaves changing colors. At Kitty’s Flowers, we’re excited about our beautiful fall floral collection. Autumn offers up amazing blooms and flowering plants, and we are excited to showcase them in our floral designs this season. We have beautiful, locally grown flowers that are always accented in our arrangements, especially come fall! Take a look at our beautiful collection of floral bouquets and blooming plants, then choose something perfect as a gift or to decorate your own home. There’s something for everyone in the Salisbury area, so choose something beautiful today. Read More about The Amazing Blooms of Autumn »
Posted by kittysflowers on August 23, 2019 Fall Floral Design Flowers

4 Fun Flower Ideas For Grandparents Day

With Grandparents Day right around the corner, it’s time to think about how children can honor their grandparents and make them feel extra special. Typically celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, Grandparents Day is a wonderful opportunity for kids and grandparents to bond and make lasting memories together. Send gorgeous floral bouquets, long-lasting plant designs or other special gifts from children to grandparents on this special day to let them know how much they mean to them. The design team at Kitty’s Flowers want to remind you that our professional delivery services extend to all local residents including private homes, assisted living facilities, senior communities, and nursing homes throughout the Salisbury area. If you have the opportunity to spend time with grandparents on Grandparents Day, we also have some fun ideas about activities you can do together. Read More about 4 Fun Flower Ideas For Grandparents Day »
Posted by kittysflowers on August 4, 2019 Flower Gifts Flowers Holidays Plants

Spend Summertime Going To The Tropics

There’s nothing like a fabulous barbecue, get-together, or a late evening candlelit dinner to remind us how wonderful summer time is. Being up later and staying outside longer is one of the perks of this great season. One way to enjoy summer to its fullest is with a beautiful bouquet of summer time flowers. Use summer flowers as centerpieces or to decorate your next summer get-together and thoroughly enjoy everything summer has to offer. The floral expert at Kitty's Flowers have some amazing designs created specifically for summer at our summer showcase. Read More about Spend Summertime Going To The Tropics »
Posted by kittysflowers on June 1, 2019 Floral Design Flowers Summer

Celebrate Mom’s Stylish Personality on Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches we look forward to celebrating moms everywhere. This is a wonderful opportunity to show mom your love and gratitude. Mothers do so much for us all the time, and this is a wonderful way to let her know how worthy she is of appreciation. Give mom a beautiful bouquet of her favorite florals, or surprise her with something unique from Kitty's Flowers this Mother’s Day. Our floral experts have been creating an amazing collection of Mother’s Day flowers for you to choose from. We’re sure you’ll find something your mom will love. Read More about Celebrate Mom’s Stylish Personality on Mother’s Day »

Lovely Easter Daisies For Spring

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant." ~Anne Bradstreet Now that spring has arrived, we look forward to celebrating Easter soon and couldn’t be more delighted to present beautiful spring flowers that symbolize the rebirth and renewal of spirit that is met with Easter. Some of the best spring flowers are perfect for Easter celebrations, like lilies that represent rebirth and new life, and daisies that accompany beautifully dyed pastel eggs perfectly. The floral designers at Kitty's Flowers want to help you celebrate Easter in style. Give and display lovely Easter daisies for spring with a gorgeous spring floral arrangement.  Read More about Lovely Easter Daisies For Spring »

Encourage Balance on International Women’s Day

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day, a time when women across the globe are celebrated and supported for their efforts and achievements toward gender parity, both in the workplace and in life. This year, on March 8, the floral designers at Kitty's Flowers want to help you encourage and support the women in your life to bring balance for better every day to everything they do. Balance for Better is the movement's theme this year-  reminder that working for more gender balance will lead to a better world. Send your favorite female teacher, mentor, leader or supporter a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Encourage balance on International Women's Day this year. Read More about Encourage Balance on International Women’s Day »

Bold New Floral Trends

This year, the Floral Trends Forecast predicts that we will be seeing plenty of bold new floral trends everywhere we look. Kitty's Flowers is excited to present some amazing, confident new looks to the floral decor scene. The colors and textures of this year’s focus will communicate the strength and creativity we see in our culture now. One such look, Hear Me Roar, includes bold, dynamic design featuring reds, oranges and yellows with fashion-forward teal and warm browns and grays for base tones. In a strong, confident patterns, this look is often created with multiple shades of the same tone for a textured, layered feel while designs are organized and structured for a modern, stylish presentation.  With a bent toward tropical designs, look for unusual flowers in bold red designs like orchids, epidendurm and gladiolus.  Read More about Bold New Floral Trends »

Share Valentine’s Affections

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about all the ways you can show your loved ones and sweetheart how much they mean to you. Beautiful flowers in different styles and colors each convey different meanings depending on the person and situation. Flowers can say anything from friendship and enthusiasm to desire and romance. Make sure your feelings are known this Valentine’s Day when you send flowers that mean exactly what you want to say. The floral designers at Kitty's Flowers have created some beautiful Valentine’s Day arrangements for you to choose from this year. Read More about Share Valentine’s Affections »